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PHP reserved Keywords

List of keywords

Table of contents

1. List of key words
2. PHP Constant in class
3. PHP data types with example
4. Basic syntax 
5. What is PHP 

A keyword (or reserved word) is a word set aside by the language for its core functionality—you cannot give a function, class, or constant the same name as a keyword.  Lists the keywords in PHP, PHP 5, PHP 4, used a PHP function in the types are Keywords are mentions new and old Keywords. which are case-insensitive. 

PHP core language keywords

_class_                 Echo                   Insteadof

_DIR_                  else                  Isset()

_File_                   Elsif                 list()

_Function_          empty()           namespace

 _Line_                 enddeclare      new

_Methode_           end for              Or

_namespace_       end foreach    print

_Trait_                    end if               protected

_halt_ compiler()    endswitch     require

And                          eval()            require_once

Array()                   exit()               return

As                             break             static

Callable                  for                 switch

Case                      foreach             function

Throw                   class                  global

Trait                      clone                   goto

Const                      if                       unset()

Continue                declare               use   

Include                    var                         default 

Include_one            while                    die()

Do                           instance of             xor

This is used a keyword in normal function and all function in PHP.Some upgraded function are available in PHP for mostly used in PHP 5 and PHP 4

They are listed of the PHP 5 Keywords:-

Abstract             interface                private

Public                catch                      try

Extends              final                    implement

Clone                 this                       throw


Some Keywords are using in only for PHP 4 
Here are mentions:-

C function               odd_function

     They are mentions all Keywords in PHP Programming Language. We are defined in old Keywords and new Keywords are combination of the keywords. You can read also the use key in the PHP programmer.
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