Monday, December 11, 2017

Why using c function in programing language

Used of c- function

Using a c- function

Let us summarize why it is important to use C functions: 

       To save yourself the repetitive task of re-writing the program’s code or logic.
         You can call on the C functions any time you need a similar functionality.
       You always have access to the program anywhere and anytime, thanks to the functions that keep the program stable and working consistently even when your machine is off. 

        Functions make it possible and easy for you to track a huge C program. 
      This is because you are not faced with plain massive data but data that is broken down in logical functions.

     the portability of the compiler, the standard library concept, a powerful and varied repertoire of operators.

   To use a function in a program, you must incorporate a header file, which defines the function .

  You have already explored the need for functions in the context of Maple. 
          In this lesson you will begin to see how to exploit user-defined functions to create larger C programs.  

     The core concept of C functions are, re-usability, dividing a big task into small pieces to achieve the functionality and to improve understandability of very large C programs.

      There is no limit in calling C functions to make use of same functionality wherever required.

     A large C program can easily be tracked when it is divided into functions.
        You can do this simply by changing the main function of your program. 
                      The revised main program will determine the position of each rod in turn by calling the functions that you previously created. 
                    Note that your new main function will not need to ask for any input. 
                     All of the data that your program needs are contained in the illustration and can be built into the program.


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