Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Who is used c- program


The C Programming language is mostly used by software developers or programmers and particularly those using the operating system, UNIX, C compiler, and virtually every application program of UNIX. Suffice it to say, the C programming language is today the most used professional language in the world of computers.                                                              
C-program are coding system and basic.

      C progaraming languege system are work mordern system base c- program:-

Here are some programing based system:-
 The morden type system base c- program are five types in the morden system.they are name and detailed are below of pragraph and detailed how to work a system each detailed are maintion in the below.

1.   microsoft windows.
2.   Linux
3.   Mac
4.   Databases
5.   Mobile phones

1. Microsoft Windows 
                 The Microsoft Windows operating systems dominate the computer market, taking around 90% market share.

2. Linux 
   Linux is another system written in the C programming language. 
This is significant because, in addition to Linux being used in personal computers, it is also the system used by the world’s topmost supercomputers. actually the top 500 of them. 

3. Mac 
The Mac is entirely run on C, including its drivers and programs, and that applies on all its models, just as happens in Windows and the Linux.

5. Databases 
Most databases used in financial systems; telecommunications; entertainment; health and education systems; the general web and elsewhere; are mostly written in C; or even C++. These include the most popularly used, like the Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and even Post.

4. Mobile Phones 
When it comes to the Windows phone, the android, and also the iOS, their kennels are in the C language. In short, their kernels are written just like those ones in the computers described above, only they are mobile adaptations.


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