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  • In c programing identifiers share names given to c entities, such as variable function ,structure etc.
  • Identifiers are created to given unique name to c entities to identify it during the execution of program.
  • In c language programe ,an identifier helps you to locate a variable; a function , and any other item that see you as the user ,may have defined.
  • Underscore '_', which is then followed by a zero and sometime letters or more underscores, anywhere from 0 to 9, may follow.

  1. You can note using punctuation for example:-@,£,% etc. Such as yours identifiers.
  2.  The c language program that can not respond to the upper case to lower case situation.
              In c language programe, there are some words that you can not use at all wether as constants as variables identifier name.


Variable come up often in conversation, and they appear many function ,not c programing language.I comes c language; a variable is simply representation of storage area. It is the place program in c perform their manipulated during programing ,you may such give the variables homes that have ordinary meaning, like height or weight,; age.
                  In programing, variable is a container storage area to hold data.

                             Variable names are just the symbolic representation of a memory location for 

                        Int  game score =  85;
             Game score is a variable of integer type. The variable can be changed hence the name variable .

                      C programing, you have to declare a variable before you can use it.

Some rules of variable related :-

  • It is used to store any kind value.
  • It is only can start with any alphabets not any numeric value.
  • Its also start with  a special characters  a variable name can't should be match any data type and keywords name.
  • Provide a variable name that does not exceed eight characters.
  • The name you providing should not have a digit at the beginning.
  • Use digit or alphabets; and even special symbol such as underscore (_) as relating a variable name.
  • You can not use key words to represent variable names.
  • Do not use any blank within choosen on user

                     Name of the variable


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