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What is a compiler in c programing language


Compiling methode 

Compiler is a basically program that translate to high - level language into another language , whether it is machine  - specific or assembly.
               Also translate source codes or text plain , into objective codes. Which come using from in that ideal processing by linkers and other program. 
                  C language is a also compiling tools. It is help of a many programing language in compile from a compiler for including a c language, HTML, and JAVA are programing is used to a compiler program.
                             Most regularly utilized and freely accessible C language compilers are GNU C/ C + + compiler . Besides this, there are compilers by HP and Solaris as well that can be used on the off chance that you have the corresponding operating systems.

Your first c program
Like with any other programming language, you cannot expect to learn a programming language unless you code in it. 
                 Going by the word and tradition, we introduce you to your first C program, which is a simple ‘Hello World!’ program .                      This program is chosen as your first face-to-face interaction with C because this program code is the absolute minimum C project structure.    
              As you move forward, you will be exposed to more complex and intricate C codes. 

Sample Code: sample.c 

#include < stdio.h > 

int main() 

/ * Sample Code for printing Hello World! As output */ 

printf(" Hello World!"); 

return 0;


A c program comprise the accompayning types :-

  • Function.
  • Comments
  • Statement & expression 
  • Variables 
  • Preprocessor commands 

Hello world just wrote.

● Line 1: 

The first line of the project #include < stdio.h > is a preprocessor directive, which advises a C compiler to include the contents of the header file, stdio.h, before compilation. 

● Line 2: 

The next line int main() is the principle function where program execution starts in C programming.

● Line 3: 

The next line/*...*/ will be overlooked by the compiler and it has been put to comments or lines that are not an active part of the C code in the project.
                      In other words, they are just remarks that are meant for the developer to refer to for understanding the code. 

● Line 4: 

The next line printf(...) is an alternate function accessible in C, which is responsible for the printing of the text: "Hello World!"

Compilingare integer and coding


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