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Flow chart in c language programing


A flowchart is nothing diagrammatic representation of various step involved solution in problem. The flowchart indicated the direction of flow of process. Relevant operations and computations.
           point of decisions and other information which are a part of the solution once developed and properly checked, the flowchart provides an excellent  program.
          It is diagrammatic or pictorial representation of an algorithm. In other words "a flowchart is diagrammatic representation that explain the sequence of operation to be performed to solve a problem.

Flow chart name & Symbol representative:-

  • Flow lines 
  • Terminals
  • Input/output
  • Processing
  • Decision
  • Connectore

Flow lines:-

         Flow lines are indicated are used to arrow & line to indicated flow of the problem. An arrow coming from one symbol and ending at another symbol 
Represent that control pass to the symbol the arrow points to the symbol and flow lines connect the various symbol.

Symbolic represented:- 

Flow line symbol

The  flow control connecting lines where the normal flow goes from top to bottom or left to right.

Terminals :- 
               Terminals are used to indicated beginning and end of the flow chart.

Symbolic represented :- 

Terminal symbol

For this purpose start and end symbolic are used and are representative. As oval or rounded rectangular,usually containing the word "start" or "end" .

Input/output :- 
              Input output represented are parallel program .

Symbolic represented:- 

I/o symbol

For example:-

          Get X from the users X; 
          Display X


 Processing :- 

        Processing step are representing as rectangular.
Symbolic representing:- 

Processing symbol
For example :-
              "Add 1 to X "; " replace identifier parts"; " save changes" or similar                                         

Decision :- 

            Decision condition in flowchart are representing in a diamond (rhombus).

 Symbolic represented :- 
Decision symbolic

This is typically contained yes or no question or true & false test. This symbol is unique in that has to arrow coming out of it , usually from the bottom point and right point one corresponds to yes or true , and one corresponds no or  false, the arrow should be label.
                             Condition is true /false 

For example:- 
        Check X is the positive and negative 
Positive & negative 

Connector :- 

            A connector represent by a small circle allow you to connect two flowchart segments. Connector is used to show a jump from one point in the process in the flow to another points connector capital letter (A, B,AA) to matching jump point.

Symbolic representing :- 
Connector symbol
For example :- 
                       The "A" connector indicate that second flow chart segments begins where the first segment End .READ MORE 

A segments to End 






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