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All Programing language in c programer

Pl (Programing language)

A programming language (PL) is a set of instruction used to communicate with the computer. The set of instruction in a PL is known as "program" all PL language divided into four categories :-

  • Machine level language oriented 
  • High level language oriented
  • Middle level language oriented 
  • Assembly and low level language oriented 

  • Machine level language oriented :-
     Human found that using certain semiconductor components  with transistor, resistor, capacitor, inductor etc. 
    And one could create logic units which simulated mental process of human brain. These gets designed for two state operation in binary system.

Machine level language

            This binary operated low-level black box uses 1 and OS as input/output non as machine level language.

  • High level language :- 
These language are more oriented to be user friendly and syntax nearly approaches english. The have poor efficiency and flexibility.
                   Different manufactures uses different architectures to fabricate chips using logic unit each chip needs unique mnemonic code set and assembler to program and operators.
       As decrease in cost per gate and improve in integration technology (LI, MSI, VLSI, VVLSI...)  number of gates per chip increased drastically. Therefore the digital computers internals [Logic units] and externals.
[ Programs, peripheral devices] to went complex.

High level language example

              So to cope with this problem interpreter and compiler invented. Here programs are written in human readable architect independent from and the tools take care of portability and low-level to machine level conversion problem. This called high - level programming as programmer sees all chips as black boxes and does not bother their architecture or mnemonic.
For example :- Basic, pascal, cobol, fortran.

  • Middle level oriented  language :- 
  The middle level language is one which combines best feature of both high and low level languages. They are easy to code as well as efficient and flexible. 
C middle level language example: -C languages, c++ languages, java languages, c# languages.

  • Assembly or low level programming oriented language :- 
These language are computer or machine oriented . They allow programmer to code with maximum efficiency and flexibility  but coding is quite tough . Its syntax nearly approaches the binary language.
             All such devices or digital computer work with two fundamental action instruction and commends. Since written code using only o's and 1's is prone to error. Mnemonic E devices for each instruction and command.
Low - level language 

         Now codes written using mnemonics and then converted into machine level language using assembler call this procedure are low - level language.READ MORE


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