Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Advantage and Disadvantage c- programer Language

Advantage and Disadvanatage of c- programer languege system:-

           Advantages & Disadvantages 

Advantage c-programer :-

  • It is a structure of the language are program.
  • It is relatively easy for someone to learn form scratch.
  • C is highly portable language. This means the programs written for one computer to another computer are easily run without any change or by a title change.
  • It also does fine with low-level activities.
  • There an only use 32 key words in ANIC and strength lies initiate  built in function.
  • It is efficient in the writing of program.

Disadvantages in c- programing language:-

  • C does not have concept of OOPS that's why c++ is developed.
  • There is no runtime checking in c languages.
  • There is not strict type of checking for example ,we can pass integer value.
  • For floating the data type languages.
  • Constructor an destructor i does not offer the object oriented features, so it does not have constructor and destructor features.
  • Constructor and destructor is used construct object the destroy the object.
  • They are does not offer data security , i does not support reusability source code.It offer no help for solving real word problems.


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